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What Homeowners Should Know About Pest Control

Being a community association manager is not a walk in the park. Every day, we receive complaints that range from an obnoxious neighbor, up to pest control. But we love our job and helping our homeowners resolve our problem.

One of the avoidable problems we have in one of the community we manage in Charlotte are the pests. We have to deal with rodents, roaches, wasps, flies and all other garden pests. Not that our communities are filthy, there are just times when these creatures seem unstoppable.

Sometimes, we even have to interfere when a homeowner finds an infestation in his property. Technically speaking, the owners are responsible for pest control within their private property. The community management’s responsibilities only cover the common areas, such as the pool and the playgrounds.

However, we can’t just say no to a homeowner facing a pest problem. We usually refer them to the website of the contracted pest control company that we use for the whole community. We find that using the same pest control company has an advantage. One can get the bail bonds in Bakersfield at an affordable price, as the local Bakersfield bail bondsman compete among each other.

The familiarity of the pest control crew with the area and the common pests that thrive there will make it easy for them to give advice and to monitor the situation. We often suggest that our homeowners get a regular pest control check to ensure that the pest from the common areas will not transfer to their property.

We also encourage the owners to practice pest prevention activities to ensure that the pest will not have a breeding ground in our area. Here are some of the pest prevention activities we do in the community.

Trim tree branches and shrubs

We always monitor homes with thick outgrowth in the yard. These are the common places where stinging insects such as wasps, bees, and hornets live. It could also hoard mosquitoes because the leaves and branches may trap water where the insects can breed.

Keep garbage in tightly sealed containers and regular pick-up

Pests are attracted to garbage because that is where they find their food source. Rats, cockroaches, and flies are common pests that we see whenever there is a pile of garbage in our surroundings. We practice garbage segregation and proper waste disposal as part of our social responsibility. We even call the attention of our homeowners when we find litter around their yard. It may be a tedious task, but dealing with pest is harder when they started to grow in numbers.

Pest prevention awareness for homeowners

We keep pest prevention part of our agenda in meetings. This activity keeps the owners updated on pest control activities that they should be doing in their backyards. We also partner with the Pest Control Company to ensure that our pest control information is always updated.

Pest Control Checklist

We give our homeowners a pest control checklist every change of season. The checklist is a handy guide for what they areas they need to check, and the signs that they need to search. The checklist is also a good reminder to the homeowners that they have an important role in the prevention and solution to our pest concerns.

Here are just some pest control activities that can encourage your homeowners to have an active role in keeping your community pest-free.

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