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October 12, 2016 

A small office party for the team, we invited a few guests so check your email.

November 30, 2016 

Workshop on Accounting, Open to invited members, please checks your email for invitation and details (if you are on the list, but haven’t received the invitation write us). See you there!

December 12, 2016 

Invited guests and speakers, our annual acquaintance brunch will be held at the same location as last year, the address will be on the invitation. Let’s enjoy another year at the beach house, and give ourselves a much deserved break from the office. Let all look forward to meeting old friends and new acquaintances, and enjoy a morning of getting to know each other and learning a thing or two from our peers. A few speakers will be talking about new approaches, and we will be throwing a little special something this year. Hope to see you all there this October!



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