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There are many advantages in making a home owners association, such as having the ability to make decisions and projects to make the community better and safer for you and your neighbors. Such advantages could range from simple needs of residents to somewhat extravagant luxuries that make living in the community better. Only by creating an organized group can make projects like these truly manifest into reality, and a home owners association would be the best option as a formal group. But there are a few things that you should do to successfully make a home owners association a reality in your community. The following is a guide that could allow you to reach your goal.

Research about HOA in Your State

Depending on which state you live in, you might have to go through a few legal processes, and in rare occasions depending on the area you live in, you might not be allowed to form such an association. So before doing the first step of forming a group, it would be best for you to ask your local government office if you are allowed to form an association at the area you live in, and the processes and requirements for making such an organization. That way you don’t waste your, or anyone else’s, time.

Start With a Small Group

After researching if you are allowed to form one, and the process and requirements, form a group of interested individuals to start the processes and formulate a plan to make a proper association. This group should comprise of the people interested in forming a home owners association, they will be the core group that will facilitate the early stages and most likely be the first board of the association.

The aim of this group is to form a plan for the community, for its improvement in security and quality of living. Draft proposed rules and regulations, which would allow for a safe and healthy environment for families to live in and children to grow at, among other things that might entice future volunteers and members.

Make it Voluntary

Choice is important for people, and making you association voluntary (only at first if you would like), will allow more people to join in without the feeling of being forced into it. This will also allow them to feel less concerned about association fees, as you did not force them to give you their hard earned money, and will allow them to feel like they really contributed for the betterment for the community.

Spread the Pros of Having a HOA

You already know that having an organized group will allow for development in your community, spread the word. Tell them of the plans you have for your community, first the things that could make it better and safer to live in, and second the luxuries that could make it a more pleasant place to live such a community pool, park, and/or other things similar.

Make Sure Association Dues are Affordable and Have Different Pay Plans

It takes money to make the community better, but be sure that the home owners’ association fees are not causing financial problems for your members. Keep it affordable and make sure people are comfortable paying it, if not you will have less members and less money to work with.

This is only the first step in making your community a better place to live in, follow through and research more on how to run you association effectively in order to make real change.

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