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Monitoring Camera

Improving the Security of Your Community

When it comes to a secure community, nothing should be overlooked, as there are many threats that could  destroy a peaceful community. In order to keep you, your friends, and loved ones safe it is best to put precautionary procedures in place to keep the peaceful status quo. Here are a few tips to follow to keep you community relatively safer.


Maintain the Community’s Yards

lawnmowerIn order to keep bad elements, which includes people and wild animals, you will need to keep your yards maintained. Hiring a company to do so for the whole community would be the best choice for this, as there would only be one entity to hold accountable for any problems, as well as there will be easy coordination on how to keep each others yards and keep to regulations.

A clean well kept garden will deter wild animals from living in the tall grasses, and lessen any hiding places should any bad elements enter the premises.

Improve Lighting of the Community

solar-powered-lightsYou don’t want dark streets and unlit areas in your community, it will allow blind spots that could become hiding places or areas where people could lie and wait. The best way to avoid this problem is by getting together and plan for a lighting system that can be cost effective for the community, a viable option would be solar lighting, as they are automatic and will cost less in the long run. There are numerous companies and contractors that can arrange lighting like these for you at a good price.

A well lit community will allow your children to play safely on the streets at night, and give you the feeling of security for them.

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Security Cameras

monitoring-cameraI remember a relative of mine who started a small car wash, he didn’t have a lot of money so instead of getting a real close circuit camera system, he put dummy cameras around the area. It sounds like a pretty bad idea, and it really is, if you can you should really buy the real thing as it can help when something does happen. But Surprisingly enough the dummy cameras deterred any stealing and bad elements from his car wash.

This shows that cameras is a big help when it comes to scarring bad people away, investing in a community CCTV system will allow people to have a sense of security, deter criminality, and give additional help in solving crimes.

There are several companies we can recommend where you can easily find a good deal.


Encourage Events and Outdoor Activities and Invite local Police

community-picnicSo the best way to help make your community more secure is by allowing people to do more activities outside their houses, maybe a picnic at the yard and common area, such as  a street party. This will show how active the community is and how United they are, which will make your community a bad target for criminals.

In addition invite local law enforcement, welcome them and commune with them. Forming a bond with them will allow you to be in their radar of protection even more so because of a personal connection.

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