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How To Help Your Homeowners Keep Their Upholstery Clean

We are often approached by our tenants and homeowners inquiring about upholstery cleaning services. Utah has a lot of cleaning companies but what sets them apart are the services they offer.

Upholstery is defined as a process of providing furniture with padding, springs, webbing and cover using fabric or leather. They professional upholstery cleaners can tidy-up your fabric or leather furniture such as sofas, mattresses, couches, recliners, futons, dining chairs, ottomans, among others. You can call the upholstery cleaners if there are certain pieces of furniture that you have but unsure whether they can clean.

We asked our trusted professional upholstery cleaning company in Utah to give us an insight on how professionals do the job.


The upholstery cleaners need to conduct a thorough inspection of the items that they need to clean. They will examine the fabric used in the furniture so that they can prepare the necessary treatment procedure. It is important to note that different materials are cleaned differently.

It is interesting to know that furniture manufacturers use fabric coding to identify the material and the Atlanta carpet cleaning solutions that can be used.

Code W consist of materials that can be cleaned by water-based cleaners. These are pieces of furniture with human-made fabrics such as nylon, polyester, acetate and olefin.

Code S refers to fabric using organic fibers like cotton, linen, wool, silk, denim, damask, and rayon. These type of materials may be cleaned with solvent-based cleaners.

Code X refers to furniture fabric that cannot be cleaned by water nor solvent cleaners.


This is the step where the right cleaning solution is applied to your upholstery. It will soak the entire fabric of your furniture to loosen deep-seated dirt for faster cleaning.


This is the step where the dirt, grime, and remaining cleaning solution are removed from your upholstery. The cleaners will use a special tool to finish the cleaning job. You will notice after the cleaning process that your furniture looks like new again.

Fabric Treatment

You may opt to apply fabric protector on your furniture to ensure that dirt will not easily stick to your fabric. You may also ask the upholstery cleaner to use a fabric deodorizer to remove any musky smell remaining in your furniture. The upholstery cleaner can apply them to your pieces of furniture after the cleaning job.

There are also do-it-yourself methods to clean upholstery that you can find on the Internet. This DIY method is only okay for cleaning small areas or doing spot cleaning. However, if it involves cleaning a large area of your furniture, we recommend that you hire a professional upholstery cleaning service to ensure that you do not damage your furniture needlessly. Furniture does not come cheap nowadays. As such, it is of your best interest to take care of them so that you can enjoy its use for a long time.

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