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How Employment Agencies Work

It is always a two-sided coin when talking about employment. Every employer complains that good work is hard to find while people looking for jobs say that they can’t find a good job. No matter which side it is, it is true that it can get difficult to find good work or workers. An employer may get hundreds of applicants for a job-opening and sifting through the bulk can be a tedious process while job seekers may feel they are sending their resumes into the black hole with no response in sight.

It is for this reason that employment agencies exist. It is their job to help business and job hunters to cut through the red tape of the entire hiring process. An employment agency is a type of firm that is primarily hired by a business to help with their staffing needs. They are able to fill a variety of positions in a variety of fields from temporary, part-time to full-time. There are both private and public employment agencies.

In the USA, the U.S Department of Labour Employment and Training Administration is one such example of a public agency. They provide job seekers with services and tools needed for workers in the form of online resources and networks of offices throughout the country. These public agencies are focused on placing people both in private and public sectors by linking to both the national and state job banks.

Private agencies, on the other hand, are primarily interested in placing people into private sector jobs. There are three specialities these agencies can come under.

• Personnel Placement Services
• Temporary Help services or also known as Staffing Services
• Executive Search Firms

The main function of these agencies is to find people to fill positions with people who are qualified and quickly. The American Staffing Association estimates it can cost 7-20 percent of the position’s salary and takes on average 30-45 days to fill. This can cost a lot for a company trying not to lose money. So it is more advantageous for these companies to outsource the hiring process who can do it quicker and relatively cheaper.

These agencies are also beneficial when a company wants a person to fill a specific job with a particular set of skills.

The company will go to Personal Placement Services firm in this instance. But if they need someone to fill a senior level position they will go to an Executive Search Firm. Further, if they need someone to fill a temporary position that is vacant they will go to a Staffing Services Firm.

For a job seeker, employment agencies can be the ticket out of unemployment as they are responsible for giving millions of people jobs to work at every day. While these agencies can’t guarantee you a job it can provide with you the right opportunities to help you succeed in your career and your life.

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