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CAM’s Maintenance Responsibility

A community association management, most commonly known as CAM. They work to provide their community a place where the homeowners or tenants feel at ease with the peaceful and safe community they have. In most cases, they are led by a community association manager along with his team who then manages the whole community.

The community association manager must be someone who is knowledgeable, has good judgment, and empathizes with others since most of the time they will tend to tenant’s complaints. Apart from taking care of his homeowners, the manager must also know how to control the funds of the association. This also means that he is in charge of controlling the funds  and preparing budgets or other financial matters needed by the association. The manager with his CAM team will be the one to coordinate maintenance of the residential development of their homeowners along with doing day-to-day services involved in the quality operation of the community.

Some of the most common properties that a CAM manages are condominiums, cooperatives, and planned communities of their homeowners. This is one of the reasons why they are mistaken for realtor agents but they are quite different from one another.

A community association manager may meet you on a daily basis if you are a homeowner or a resident in a condominium. They administer the maintenance of the property and its facilities so if you’re wondering if they can take care of any issues in your condominium then it’s a yes. The CAM usually administers the daily affairs of their homeowners and residents who may or may not use a facility in the community association jointly. They are very much responsible for the maintenance of the community.

So perhaps you are in a dilemma right now in your condominium and you can’t understand why your outlet is not functioning should your CAM manager be informed of the matter? Definitely yes, as the CAM manager will be the one to take care of any issue in your condominium. May it be a nonfunctioning outlet or an electrical wiring malfunction the manager will take care of the electrical repair services. He or she will be the one to call an electrician to fix your outlet.

The manager may even assist you and ask you if there is anything else that is not functioning and needs to be fixed.  It is their duty to be responsible in resolving any tenant complaints and arranging  repairs of the properties that they manage in a timely manner. The community association management may even have its own electrician or technician to fix any problem you encounter in your condominium as this is one the jobs that they do. This is why it is important for a CAM manager to be knowledgeable as their job requires a lot of attention and details when it comes to their homeowners.

Don’t ever get bothered if someone from the CAM visits you for a monthly checkup of your home as they may conduct maintenance with regards to plumbing or any electrical repairs. It is their responsibility and part of their day to day job is to make sure that all their tenants and homeowners are being provided with a quality community association. Also you shouldn’t hesitate to call any of the members of the CAM who are taking care of your home for any matter that you need to discuss regarding your place as they will assist you and provide you the services you need.


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